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Warriors: The Bernie Mac Disease

Bernie Mac's widow, Rhonda, takes us on a deeply personal journey through the life and legacy of the beloved comedian and the impact that sarcoidosis had on his rise to fame. Patients from the USA, Germany and Ghana describe their fight.

Nicholas Markart is a filmmaker and documentarian known for his ability to craft stories that pack both a humorous and emotional punch. His work has received praise from industry heavyweights such as the Cannes International Film Festival and the Student BAFTAs, and has amassed over 2 million views across social media platforms. His television credits also include work on DC’s Arrowverse.

From a young age, Nicholas had a love for directing, often taking charge of his family's home videos (sorry, Mom and Dad!). Today, he continues to channel that same passion and uses it to create stories that are not only entertaining but also deeply moving.

Director Statement

I've had personal experience with sarcoidosis through a loved one's struggle, and it's become a topic that's very important to me. Seeing the challenges they faced firsthand has motivated me to raise awareness and share stories about this often-overlooked disease. Bernie Mac and Rhonda's example of resilience and determination is incredibly inspiring, and it shows that sarcoidosis can impact anyone, even those who seem to have it all together. Bernie Mac's approach to life, finding humor even in tough times, is something I find admirable and strive to emulate.


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