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Independent artists and Chicago Indie Film Awards

Chicago Indie Film Awards celebrates indie U.S. and international film and script projects through its annual and bi-monthly competition. The festival is looking for fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, comedy and all genres of filmmaking which can inspire us, challenge us and make us think.

Chicago Indie Film Awards is committed to indie filmmaking and the language of cinema as an art form. The mission of the festival is to inspire & motivate people to discover the world through the art of motion pictures and indie filmmaking. The latest winners of the online IMDb qualifying competition of Chicago Indie Film Awards were announced on June 6th, 2023 by the festival team which has dedicated its program to the promotion of indie filmmakers and artists from all over the globe.

Best Narrative Feature


Director: Mona Johanne Johanne

Best Narrative Short

The Rocking Chair

Director: Jeno Hodi

Best Documentary Feature

21 Miles in Malibu

Director: Nic Davis

Best Documentary Short

I am Kanaka

Director: Genevieve Sulway

Best Experimental


Director: Kristina Schippling

Best Animation

Autumn Leaves

Director: Elizabeth Lewis

Best Science Fiction

Run, Chad Run

Director: Nadia Guo

Best Horror

The Last one to Leave

Director: Troy W Burbank

Best Director

Walk Away Clean

Director: Jason William Power

Best Producer

Ignacio Verdugo & Juan Octavio Lume


Best Actress

Yena Kang

Soaring Again

Best Script

12 Hours

Writer: Jodi J Morneau

Best Web/Series/Pilot

Two Blue Lines

Director: Janneke Williamson

Best Student Animation

The Market

Director: Lulu (Jung) Chen

Best Student Film

Vulture City, Wyoming

Director: Anna Shea Keating

Best Music Video

Voice of Addiction - Shinigami (Official Video)

Director: Nick Rush

Best Thriller

The Ghost of You

Directors: Max Mallar, Kenzie Yango

Best Composer

Mari Sainio

Betur sjá augu (See No Evil)

Best First Time Filmmaker

Suburban Witch

Director: Lily Emalfarb

Best Female Filmmaker


Anne Gart

Best Indie Film


Director: Zsolt Pozsgai


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