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23rd edition of Chicago Indie Film Awards

Chicago Indie Film Awards is committed to indie filmmaking and the language of cinema as an art form. The mission of the fest is to inspire & motivate people to discover the world through the art of motion pictures and indie filmmaking.

Chicago Indie Film Awards was founded by a team of directors, producers, scholars and artists who were passionate about the language of cinema and dedicated the competition to the discovery and promotion of indie films and artists from all over the globe. The festival committee has created a groundbreaking bi-monthly and annual program for independent films of all genres from US and all over the world. The winners of the 23rd edition of the fest was announced on March 31st, 2024. It is our pleasure to share the winners.

Best Narrative Feature
The Shamrock Spitfire
Director: Dominic Higgins, Ian Higgins

Best Narrative Short
Director: Omid Pakbin
Best Documentary Feature
Bridges To the North
Director: Tony McGuire
Best Documentary short
Relics of Love and War
Director: Keith Lawrence Lock
Best Experimental
Director: Barbara Freeman

Best Animation
Shame On You!
Director: Jeffrey Himpele
Best Horror
A Prayer For My Father
Director: Sarah London
Best Director
Luke Ian Sparke
Bring Him to Me
Best Producer
Cameron Ryan Soedi
Silver Bullet
Best Editor
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Loganberry Lane
Best Actress
Sarah Ceballos
Best Actor
Bart Shatto
Jimmy Comes Marching Home
Best Script
Two Good Turns
Judy faulkner-krause, Ariel DeSilvis
Best Unproduced script
The Family Recipe
Karl Ryan Erikson
Best TV Series/Pilot/Web
Director: Jason Lee Courson
Best Comedy
The Kids' Table
Director: Stephen Folker
Best Student Film
Nix's Symphony
Director: Karina Xiao Loerchner
Best Music Video
The Ghost of Orval Faubus
Director: Gene W Reid
Best Trailer
The Tan Man
Director: Greg James Blount
Best Composer
Carlos A Serrano
Late for Work
Best First-Time Filmmaker
Not For Nothing
Director: Tim Dowlin
Best Female Filmmaker
Sunset Road
Director: Janet Krupin
Best Indie Film
The Surprise Visit
Director: Nick Lyon


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