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Three Wise Men - Parallel Lives

It was a great pleasure for us to interview the directors of “Three Wise Men – Parallel Lives”. The 64 minute feature documentary was directed by Mauritian film makers Sada Rajiah and Desire Prevost. True Tesla Technologies and Deane Thomas are the producers.

There’s no denying the next century will be defined by the answers to one big question: how do we solve our dire energy crisis? The answer may have been right under our noses. Electricity is often credited by the mainstream to Edison and Franklin, but “Three Wise Men: Parallel Lines” prove more to the story. For one, the story is not yet over. Featuring in-depth insight into the journeys of 3 men - born countries apart, generations apart “Parallel Lines” explores the almost mythical connection they share in shaping Earth’s technological standing and sustainability - past, present and future. Because regardless of where and when these men were born, they all have one thing in common: they were encouraged from a young age to envision a better world. After decades of exploring the globe, during which he amassed the skills, wisdom, and motivation to guide him forward, Deane Thomas arrives in Mauritius, a small island-country in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to set up a game-changing project. It’s a place already-enriched with a history of genius, once that could be the key to a sustainable future due to the exploits of the two other men whose lives parallel his own. Nikola Tesla transformed the lives of billions of people with his inventions. His Niagara Falls hydro-power station in 1896, for example, brought electricity to the USA for the first time. Now his descendant, Tomislav Tesla, asks Deane to help with his new hydro-powered technology that works in harmony with the natural environment, a gift in the fight for sustainable energy. Mauritius approaches Deane for help, and this relationship unravels threads between himself, the Tesla's, and an overlooked figure in this critical episode in history: "Major" Ibrahim Atchia. Atchia was the son of a trader and became one with the streams flowing behind his home. In 1901, he used them to create a working power plant - without machinery - that brought electricity to all of Mauritius, even before all of London had working electricity. With the surviving descendants of Atchia and Tesla’s new technology, Deane will use the knowledge and life lessons he’s gained from these parallel lives to present a way forward for humanity, with Mauritius proving itself a hub for creativity and innovation yet again. “Three Wise Men: Parallel Lives” explores this pursuit of a brighter future, because, like the inventors who shaped modern life with their creations centuries ago, the legacy of these parallel lives will shape generations to come.

What draws you to filmmaking and the cinematic language?

Desire Prevost: Basically, I wanted to be famous. I started with music but it did not work that much.

I then entered the audiovisual world, made my career and I am still learning about each and

every aspect of this world of cinema.

Sada Rajiah: It all started during my early childhood, the passion for Cinema has sprouted in me at a very

tender age by watching television.

I started with acting in small plays and then through much determination and effort, I

achieved my goals.

Do you believe in film schools or does making a film teach you more than film school?

Desire Prevost: The School of Cinema is important to learn about the job.

But deeply I believe that the first person who made a film did not go to any school of film


Making a film as a person who has not been to Film School enable him to express his vision

i his own way which has its own unique touch to the finished product.

After all, a film that demarcates itself from other films is what the audience looks for.

Sada Rajiah: I believe that film School teaches the different techniques of filmmaking but the actual realisation of the movie provides a more in-depth exposure in real life, moreover, it enables one to develop his style.

Does cinema stand out more than the arts for you? Why?

Desire Prevost: Cinema definitely stands out more than other Arts because it englobes almost every existing

arts like music, Dance , Paintings, architecture .. etc.

Sada Rajiah: Cinema is the only Art form that realy englobes many forms of art .

I think that is what makes it stand out more.

Why do you like to make films and where do you see your career in the film industry in ten years?

Desire Prevost: Film Making has now become my career which I do with perseverance and passion.

In ten years I really wish that one of my films be nominated in an international film festival.

Sada Rajiah: I like to make films because it has been my passion since a tender age and I see myself being one of the best Filmmaker in the world in ten years.

Do you consider yourself an indie filmmaker and what would most be the most difficult

thing about being an independent artist?

Desire Prevost: I am definitely an indie filmmaker and the main difficulty encountered remains funding of projects.

Sada Rajiah: I do consider myself being an indie filmmaker. the main hurdle in being an independent film-maker is not having the proper financial support to realise my projects

What is the distribution plan for your film and how are you planning to reach a greater

audience for your project?

Desire Prevost: I hope that this multi award winner film will be of interest to potential distributor . And online broadcasting is also a way forward.

Sada Rajiah: After having won numerous international awards this Film will be of interest to Distributors which i hope will promote the film so as to make it accessible to more viewers.

Furthermore, promotion on online platforms is also conceivable.

What is your cinematic goal in life and what would you like to achieve as a filmmaker?

Desire Prevost: My goal is to leave an imprint on the world of the Mauritian style of Film making and to be nominated in renown film festival.

Sada Rajiah: Our goal for cinema is to make quality films and to show that Mauritian filmmakers have what it takes to be in the international limelight.

For me, a personal achievement will be to secure a nomination in prestigious awards like the

Cannes, golden globe, Oscar.

What kind of impact would your film have in the world and who is your audience?

Desire Prevost: My Film is definitely the one of a kind for its originality .

Being able to find a connection between three geniuses who lives in three different eras is

deserving to be shared with the world.

I wish that a much younger audience could discover the famous people like Tesla, Atchia

and Deane Thomas

Sada Rajiah: The way we have been able to show how three different people could be connected in their achievements and goals although being from three different eras would have a definite impact in the world.

I believe that Three wise Men - Parallel lives needs to be discovered by a younger audience

so that they get to know people like Tesla, Ibrahim Atchia and Deane Thomas.


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