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The StarPeople: Our Evolution

The StarPeople: Our Evolution is a feature length script about other dimensional contact and lucid dreams. The most important story of our time with cutting edge concepts beautifully depicted. A rare glimpse into inter dimensional contact, from the point of view of a fearless adult woman who wants to help humanity navigate uncharted, but well documented territory. Written with the skeptic in mind, it’s timely and urgent, but not lacking humor and grace. Compared to The Tree of Life and The Fountain but utterly unique because it’s based on a true story spanning over 10 years experience. The main character, Elle, has studied metaphysics, paranormal activity and spirituality in order to complete her mission as a scribe and ambassador for inter-dimensional beings who are allies or visitors or long time residents depicted in ancient art. We spoke to Kelly LaCombe about her script.

How and when did you start studying screenwriting?

I started a short script many years ago, but it sat on the shelf until I saw Boyhood, directed by Richard Linklater. I then, doubled the length of my short but that medium length sat on the shelf for years while I delved into Metaphysical Studies online. I took notes on paranormal and spiritual experiences, which led to me participating in the Edgar Mitchell study compiled into a book called: Beyond UFOs. I filled many journals with notes, poetry and lyrics, before attempting script. I love that scripts can be multi-media.

Do you ever plan to direct and produce one of your scripts?

Yes, I plan to co-direct and direct, possibly produce one of my scripts. No one can understand the importance of The Starpeople: Our Evolution, as much as I can; it’s ten plus years of journaling and research in other dimensional experiences: paranormal, Kundalini and other types of Metaphysical experiences supported by Jungian and Transpersonal psychology.

Tell us more about StarPeople and the inspiration behind the writing of your script.

It’s an original story and challenging to capture in scenes that have never been attempted. I took some courage and inspiration from Contact, directed by Robert Zemeckis; however my story is very different and loosely compared to Tree of Life, for it’s spiritual journey. I want to take the audience on a spiritual journey; to transform along with the main character, Elle. I want to break new ground as a writer; learn the form and then make it my own. I really enjoy clay…to sculpt, and I consider writing a kind of word sculpture. The impact of my vision will be transformative and healing.

What were some of the challenges of writing your script and the research that went into it?

I want to show the many perspectives of other-dimensional contact. Ultimately, if I do a good job, I can receive funding for research; a fellowship or grant that could lead to a sequel or series, or inspire a position for me with a cutting edge company. Stephen Spielberg, Sophia and Francis Ford Coppola were a few of the writer/ directors who inspired me to observe, dig deep and wonder. As a child I was fascinated by ET’s desire to go home. My mother, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer, loved to watch movies; it was a family event. We often, barely had enough money to see a movie on the big screen and we sacrificed other necessities to make it happen. My father, a Navy man, drown when I was 3-4 years old. Movies took away the pain of no father and other heartache and loss I experienced too young. When my father figure died too, I buried that loss for years. Then I divorced and my mother died. That pain led me to Sakya Monastery for Chenrizi. I had Kundalini experiences as I worked to let go of everything I lost; people, things…what I thought was important. When the veil was thin, 3-6 am wish, my heart and mind were free.

What kind of impact would your work have in the world and why do you think these themes are important in your script?

My thoughts, words and feelings went out into the multiverse. In The Starpeople: Our Evolution, the multiverse responds to Elle, the main character. I wrote a script to inspire humans to reach their full potential; to understand they are not just blood and bones and flesh. They are light and part of everything. I hope to inspire courage and transformation; a very envious quality and greatly respected no matter what job, race or obstacles humans perceive to be in there way.


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