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The invention of Soledad

The hypochondriac Soledad is quarantined with her recent boyfriend, a sexy and calm boy who does yoga and washes the dishes. But one night, the memory of Orfeo, her neurotic ex-boyfriend, appears in bed.

Soledad finds in the middle a "perfect" boyfriend who can bring the virus when he goes shopping, and a memory that she knows about philosophy, that is not contagious... but that does not exist in real life. He will soon have to make a decision in times of pandemic.

Ecuadorian director, screenwriter, writer and actress. I wrote, directed and acted in the first medium-length film for Los Canallas (World Film Festival-Montreal) I have worked on several film projects and some theatrical. I wrote and directed El invento de la Soledad (2022) I am currently working on editing my autobiographical documentary "A slow aquatic awakening " and the development of my opera prima "Romanticism and failure"


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