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The 14th edition of Chicago Indie Film Awards

Chicago Indie Film Awards is devoted to the promotion and recognition of indie film projects from American and international talents who have dedicated their life to arts, independent filmmaking and the language of cinema. The 14th edition of the festival nominated films in various categories from hundreds of submissions from all over the globe. The committee also invites filmmakers and artists of the previous editions to join as jury members of the upcoming editions. It is our pleasure to share the winners of the 14th edition.


Best Narrative Feature & Best Director:

Farewell Beijing

Director: Xixi Cao

Best Narrative Short & Best Cinematography

Broke Down Drone

Director: Marquis Simmons

Best Documentary Feature

Citizen of Moria

Director: Jawad Mir, Ahmad Ebrahimi

Best Documentary short

The Black Raven

Director: George Wyhinny

Best Experimental

HOTEP-Know Thy Self

Director: Petri Salo

Best Animation


Director: Rico Gutierrez

Best Horror


Director: Ric Rawlins

Best Actress

Martina Sivori


Honorable mention Actress

Jennifer Scott

Eyes Upon Waking

Best Actor

Arsi Nami


Honorable mention First time filmmaker & Best edit:

SHASHTHI Director: Jude Peter Damian

Best Comedy & Best Producer

My Wacko Parents

Director: Tina Adams

Producer: Martina Adamcova

Best Unproduced script

The Remarkable Tale of Phineas P. Gage

Writer: Tom Vecchio

Best TV Series/Pilot/Web

A Promise of Vengeance Giacomo Giammatteo

Best Student Film

Hand that Feeds

Director: Matthew Dunlap

Best Music Video

Tragedy Strikes

Director: Morgan Gullett

Best Thriller

A Deadly Conversation

Director: David Pratt

Best Trailer & Best Script

SFI Trailer

Director: Sharrie Mccain

Best Composer

Matthew Ferraro

The Runner

Best First-Time Filmmaker

UKWATI // The Wedding

Director: Sean William Economou

Best Female Filmmaker

Xixi Cao

Farewell Beijing

Best Indie Film

Joe Haladin: The Case of the Missing Sister

Director: Jody Stelzig


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