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Santra │ A Tale of India

From the chaotic cities to natural spectacles; Santra │ A Tale of India shows how people are ultimately interconnected within India's diverse surroundings. It is our pleasure to interview the award winning director of the film, Maxim Zhuiykov.

What draws you to filmmaking and the cinematic language?

It’s a beautiful way to architect a story or message to someone that can make them feel something.

Do you believe in film schools or does making a film teach you more than film school?

Going out and making something for yourself is the best way to get into any creative medium.

Does cinema stand out more than the arts for you? Why?

Cinema is very interactive so it stands out quite a lot considering it’s matching a moving picture with audio which is how we engage with our environment.

Why do you like to make films and where do you see your career in the film industry in ten years?

I like to share cultural stories and landscapes from around the world. I hope to be able to continue sharing stories across different corners of the world through film and also inspire people to get out and adventure themselves.

Do you consider yourself an indie filmmaker and what would most be the most difficult thing about being an independent artist?

Yes, I create most things all myself.

Money, as this can buy filming gear or time to get out and create!

What is the distribution plan for your film and how are you planning to reach a greater audience for your project?

Honestly I’m bad at promoting myself, so far social media has been a nice way to get it out there and I’m hoping winning some more festivals might naturally get my film more exposure opportunities.

What is your cinematic goal in life and what would you like to achieve as a filmmaker?

My cinematic goals are to be able to create in a way that can influence, inspire or shift a viewpoint in people. I’d like to continue to grow and do this on a larger scale as I keep on creating.

What kind of impact would your film have in the world and who is your audience?

I hope it gives an honest perspective of India, the best, the iconic, the harsh and everything in between with ultimately showcasing that all we need in life is love with those around us. It’s a film focusing on human culture with no narrative so my audience is broad to cover anyone.


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