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Margot Robbie and the Rest of ‘Barbie’ Cast React to Their Official Barbie Dolls

The buzz continues to build for the live-action Barbie movie, with Mattel unveiling the official Barbie dolls from the film.

Cameras were on hand as Margot Robbie got to see her Barbie doll for the first time, with the actress remarking that it was “actually incredibly accurate to exactly the outfit I wear in the movie.”

“It’s my Barbie!” Robbie gushed, as she got to hold the doll modeled after her. This is so good.”

Each Mattel doll is styled in a look inspired by the film. Robbie’s doll sports Barbie’s “perfect day outfit,” consisting of a pink gingham dress, a daisy chain necklace and heart-adorned pink pumps. A pink ribbon in Barbie’s blond hair completes the whimsical look.

Robbie isn’t the only star who got to see their doll unveiled. Issa Rae’s doll (a.k.a. “President Barbie”) is regal in a shimmery pink and gold dress with matching sash. Rae revealed that she spoke to director Greta Gerwig about how she wanted her character — and her character’s outfits — to be represented in the movie. “Shout out to Greta Gerwig because she was like ‘What would your president look like?’ and I was like, ‘I just feel like she’d be in a ballgown,’” Rae says in the video. “[Greta] was like, ‘Done.’”

America Ferrera and Simu Liu also get to see their Barbie and Ken dolls revealed in the video. While Ryan Gosling doesn’t appear in the social media clip, the actor’s Ken doll is available to purchase in two outfits: a beach day look (with a matching surfboard) and a denim-on-denim look with peekaboo “Ken” underwear sticking out.

While Barbie doesn’t hit theaters until July 21 (pre-order tickets here), the line of Barbie dolls is available to buy on Amazon right now. In addition to the Barbiecore-inspired dolls, the collection includes a replica Barbie DreamHouse and Ken’s pink RC Corvette from Hot Wheels. Shop the full collection here.


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