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Make America Love Again

Make America Love Again is a Music Video which is shot on phones during lockdown, a new American Anthem spawned from the thoughts of Spike Lee. It is our pleasure to interview ‘The Woolfman’, co director and musician of the project.

What draws you to filmmaking and the cinematic language? Film and music are like 1+1=3 when they are equal partners. They are like dancers, alternating the lead, pulsating in perfect synch. This is why as a musician I’m drawn to filmmaking, this time through the music video for my song ‘Make America Love Again’, I co-directed the video - though this would not have been possible without Tone Davies. Music and film bring each other to life, this is also true for the theatre, I have for many years been resident musician for Playback Theatre in the UK where the music often leads the action. An all time favourite film would be ‘Paths of Glory’ - a film about the cowardice, lies and hypocrisy of many of our leaders. It is painfully relevant in the era of (thankfully post) Trump. Do you believe in film schools or does making a film teach you more than film school? Bob and Roberta Smith said “All Schools should be Art Schools” in 2016 - you can learn all you need in School - but it requires something special to turn that knowledge into art.

Does cinema stand out more than the arts for you? Why? I think cinema is part of the arts - the arts all co-exist - however if you remove music from cinema you have a lesser option. The history of Kubrick and his choice of music for 2001 Space Odyssey Is a case in point. Why do you like to make films and where do you see your career in the film industry in ten years? We made ‘Make America Love Again’ to ask questions. The film industry is asking questions of itself right now - I think in 10 years the film industry will be a completely different offering, one that’s hopefully more democratised and all the better for it.

Do you consider yourself an indie filmmaker and what would most be the most difficult thing about being an independent artist? I’m primarily a musician - I have been writing, playing and producing all my adult life. The urge to create music has consumed me and led me up mountains and I have fallen into many an abyss. I had been making dance music for a few years with some success, then… ‘Make America Love Again’ happened dropping myself and W Recordings into full independent artist mode - it’s very freeing for creativity. What is the distribution plan for your film and how are you planning to reach a greater audience for your project? ‘Make America Love Again’ has won 13 Film awards globally at the time of writing this - and has gathered quite a following - however we are going to turn everything on its head on September 17th when we release brand new remixed versions of the song and a new music video which will take the project to a whole new audience. Exciting times.

What is your cinematic goal in life and what would you like to achieve as a filmmaker? I just want to carry on my journey of writing music and being creative with visuals - to keep firmly on ones path is a tricky thing - the rest of the year is mapped out for this project - maybe ask me again in 2022? What kind of impact would your film have in the world and who is your audience? One of the awards ‘Make America Love Again’ has received is ‘Best Film for Social Change’ - if my music and film can help to make a change in the world then that’s the impact I’d like to make. One by one - the audience is everyone who cares. Please view for more information!


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