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Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in Netflix Comedy

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence were back at work on Monday, filming scenes for the Netflix comedy “Don’t Look Up” in Boston’s Financial District.

Police and film crews closed off a section of Devonshire Street between Franklin and Milk streets as the two stars filmed scenes around lunchtime on Monday, with crews finally breaking down equipment shortly after 1 p.m.

DiCaprio and Lawrence were dressed in the same clothes they wore while filming at South Station back in December: DiCaprio wore a pair of professorial glasses with a button-down and brown jacket, and Lawrence rocked reddish-orange hair and a green jacket.

In the film directed by Adam McKay (“The Big Short”), DiCaprio and Lawrence play a pair of astronomers who discover that an asteroid is on a collision course for Earth. When they begin to speak publicly about the imminent danger, they find that no one will take their dire warnings of impending doom seriously.

On Monday, crews filmed a scene in which DiCaprio anxiously talks into a cell phone while glancing at the sky, and another where several people stare at the sky.

The scenes being filmed were set in New York City rather than in Boston, as evidenced by the dozens of yellow NYC cabs circling the block throughout filming and the NYC bus parked on the corner of Milk and Devonshire.

Most of the storefronts on Devonshire remained the same, with the lone exception being Boston Wine Exchange, whose signage was swapped out to read “Bert’s Wine Exchange.”

Businesses on Devonshire were allowed to remain open during filming, but foot traffic was limited as crew members shooed away passerby at every turn.

During what appeared to be a break in filming, a Boston police officer directing traffic gave a hungry reporter the go-ahead to visit the Potbelly Sandwich location on Devonshire. Moments later, the reporter realized he was walking directly toward an unmasked Lawrence and DiCaprio as they prepared to shoot a scene outside the sandwich shop, and was politely asked to move out of the shot by a crew member.


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