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Between Mountains

A recently widowed father sets out on the road, after losing his young son to sudden death, to end his life. But he's met with strange, alternate realities along his journey, which help him come to the realization of his own self. Through the help of his dead wife and the Universe's healing powers, he's able to face life once again, and live.

Vineesha Arora Sarin is an LA-based filmmaker who has been making independent films on her phone since the start of the pandemic. Between Mountains is Vineesha Arora Sarin's third award-winning film on a smartphone and her FIRST feature-length film which had its world premiere in Hollywood on August, 27, 2021.

Prior to this, Vineesha made short films on her phone that won many awards across film festivals worldwide. Come Back To Me (2020) and By God There'll Be Dancing (2020). The awards and accolades gave her confidence to make her debut film on the phone as well, while the world was in lockdown. She gave wind to her dreams and motivated herself to change the tide and focus on her one singular dream - to become a director. Incidentally, all her films were made during the Covid-19 pandemic. As she was shooting all her films on the smartphone, she thought it was time to raise the bar on her debut feature. Between Mountains is a challenge she took on to see that the film does not seem like a phone film, enhancing as much as possible its video and audio quality. And to her relief, the film was received so extremely well among the press and audiences alike, that the first thing everyone commented on unanimously was its beautiful picturisation. Vineesha has come a long way from her first phone film to this feature, pushing hard on delivering a technically well-crafted product each time. Often termed the "one woman army," Vineesha is a multi-talented powerhouse who wears several hats with equal ease and perfection. She is a producer, writer and director and has several A-grade projects in various different production stages and hopes to continue breaking the mould in Hollywood.


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