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Walk the Beach: An Animation by Gillotti

A child walks on the beach for the first time in chaos. Walk the Beach is an animation film by Veronica Gillotti. It is our pleasure to speak to Veronica Gillotti about Walk the Beach.

What draws you to filmmaking and the cinematic language?

Filmmaking is a creation. A way to speak to many people visually. When a filmmaker creates a project it includes mood, music combined with actors for the audience enthrallment.

Do you believe in film schools or does making a film teach you more than film school?

Never say no to school. School can introduce techniques of perfection. Making a film opens up your creativity. There are camera angles, lightning, close ups and phrasing of words. One learns by mistakes. Always explore your creative inner being even if it's just for self.

What makes cinema stand out more than the arts for you?

Cinema is an exciting passion. The cinema distribution has the ability to serve more international communities. The fine arts need to be included in the cinema to promote the arts to all communities.

Did you choose a certain direction style for making your film based on the script?

My direction style would depend on the specific script. The actors involved in the project would determine what directing style. The personality of the script would weigh in also in my decision.

How do you choose the cast and crew for your film?

That would depend on budget, creativity of the cast available and the crew's ability to make it work with limited funds.

How do you fund your film and what were some of the challenges?

I funded my film with many daring financers. Daring to take the chance on my creative skills. The challenges are staying within budget.

Do you consider yourself an individual filmmaker and what would be the most difficult about being an independent artist?

An independent artist is a badge of courage. Yes, I'm feeling courageous. Self promotion is most difficult for me. I love the process of creation, promoting takes on a new set of skills, I am learning.

What is the distribution plan?

My plan is to reach as many cinematic houses that would promote my film. Together we will make an amazing experience for the audience.

What is your cinematic goal in life and what would you like to achieve as a filmmaker?

My cinematic goal in life would be to be remembered as taking a chance on combining fine art with film. As a filmmaker to achieve all my personal goals. My personal best.

What kind of impact would your film have in the world and who is your audience?

My film promotes understanding of autism. My audience is inclusive to all that dare to watch my film.


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