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Christopher Leong Talks About C.O.H And Independent Cinema

After his final quarrel with the Batman comes to fatal end, The Joker's supporters and empathizers mourn for the late clown prince of Gotham and rally together for an uprising.

Meanwhile, Harleen Quinzel; a Psychology Major at Gotham University and outsider, finds herself toying with the idea of joining the latest revolution as her birthday plans go south in this DC Fan Film; filled with a variety of the beloved heroes and villains - like you've never seen before!

Christopher Leong is a freelance filmmaker looking to create content following his graduation from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors Degree in Cinema.

What draws you to filmmaking and the cinematic language?

I find filmmaking and the cinematic language to serve a medium or a bridge to connecting audiences divided by barriers. Whether those said barriers divide an audience based on language, gender, race, religion, sexuality, etc, the power of movies have proven to connect different audiences; bringing out the commonality they share as people. Whether they loved or absolutely hated my work, I can say I still brought people together.

Do you believe in film schools or does making a film teach you more than film school?

Absolutely! It amazes me how "Basic Filmmaking 101" can go under the radar and still get distribution. There's always more to what meets the eye. Many of the smallest details and aspects, especially writing and sound editing to name a few, are somehow still taken for granted.

What makes cinema stand out more than the arts for you?

I've previously tried my hand at playing music, drawing, and even ceramics. When it came to any other art form outside of cinema, the vision I had in my head that I wished to create never came out and I had to settle for being average at best. While I wasn't necessarily the greatest at filmmaking starting out let alone still having a long road ahead of me, I found myself becoming more refined with my craft let alone more confident overtime. Then again, I am still a lifelong learner as I try to keep my projects afloat in the midst of this pandemic.

Did you choose a certain directing style for making this film based on the script?

While I can't say that there was a certain directing style for making the film, I did however refer to the previous adaptations by various directors. I tried to maintain the tone and feel that they all shared in hopes of paying tribute while maintaining the course in terms of bringing an original take on the characters to life.

How did you choose the cast and the crew of your film?

I scouted some freelancers who have worked on pieces with a similar genre and reached out to those who I have previously worked with; based on the chemistry developed on the previous productions.

How did you fund your film and what were some of the challenges of making this film?

Right now, I have a GoFundMe page ( in hopes of raising enough to create a payroll for everyone who agreed/agrees to work on it. It was challenging to find donors willing to contribute to a rather sizable goal of a $55,000 payroll. Now with everyone needing to fend for themselves and their loved ones, donations will understandably be even more at a premium for as long as the pandemic persists.

Do you consider yourself an indie filmmaker and what would most be the most difficult thing about being an independent artist?

I'd love nothing more than to be considered such. However, production for the various projects I had ready for the year stalled out just as my filmmaking career was just getting started. Pandemic aside, the biggest hurdle would still be finding the audience who would appreciate and acknowledge your efforts whether it be the promotions or the final cut itself.

What is the distribution plan for your film?

At least as of now, I hope to build the full payroll, commence the production, and submit the final cut to various festivals; granted that the wait will realistically be even longer than everyone anticipated.

What is your cinematic goal in life and what would you like to achieve as a filmmaker?

Taking baby steps, I'd say establishing myself as a writer, director, and producer that takes home an Oscar every now and then is my current goal that I wish to achieve. Even if I never do, I want to at least say that I gave myself a fighting chance.

What kind of impact would your film have in the world and who is your audience?

There is definitely a great deal of unrest and injustice going on in the world and our country. I hope that I am given an opportunity to bring opposites together even if it's only for an hour.

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