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Void is an award winning narrative short film.

In a utopian society built on convenience and free of human disease, Eric struggles with an irregular mental illness that leaves his body in an ever growing state of decay.

Jonathan Edward Munoz was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He began his filmmaking journey at a young age through stop-motion animation. This hobby fueled his interest and was inspired by classic Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and The Abyss. After studying cinematography at Columbia College Chicago, Jonathan has moved to Los Angeles, California in search of the ability to tell larger stories using his professional skills in camera, lighting, directing, editing and visual effects. Since his time in film school, he has written and directed multiple award winning short films such as One Way (2018) and Buzz Off (2019) starring DJ Qualls and Nick Swardson. His latest short film, Void (2022), a high-concept futuristic drama starring Jason Patric, will premiere at the LA Shorts International film festival in North Hollywood.


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