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The Rage

A young girl decides to make a family visit and discovers something horrifying.

Steven DeRock is an upcoming 22 year old filmmaker from outside the city of Toronto. The Rage is his directorial debut which was shot in September of 2020. He is best known from his YouTube channel “Geek Out Cinema” and has become a well known figure in the horror community on YouTube. Steven has had a passion for film and especially the horror genre since a young age. He has interviewed many entertainers from the film industry on his show “Chit Chat & Geek Out.” Steven also enjoys going to conventions and meeting celebrities. He is also a graduate from Algonquin College for Social Media Marketing. Steven hopes to use his creativity and filmmaking skills as he explores his new pathway in the film industry with other upcoming film projects.

Director Statement I chose to direct this film as my directorial debut because horror is my favourite film genre. This project was the first film that I have ever made and the first film set I have ever worked on. It was a great experience working with a talented cast and crew and learning more about the craft of filmmaking from them. This whole project started from a chat I had with Lynne Griffin (Actress) from the cult classic horror film Black Christmas. I had written this screenplay based on her idea which she had described it to be about a sweet old lady that lives next door, that's really a serial killer. I want the viewers to experience shock and surprises while watching this short film. Challenges making this film was finding the right actors for the film. When I first started casting, I tried working with the union which was a lot of headaches to deal with and was out of our budget for what they wanted. So I decided to shoot our film non union. While finding who to hire as my crew, I had the chance to talk to a lot of people who work in film and view their resumes/reels. Our production team put a lot of hard work in this project and everyone worked well together on set. The equipment used to make this project was thankfully provided from our crew members which didn't require any rentals. We were extremely fortunate to raise funds for this project by hosting a campaign selling different perks such as T-shirts, posters, digital copies and doing raffles. We ended up raising over $6k to make our project. I hope for this film to be enjoyed by others just as much as I enjoyed making it.



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